Please meet our group of incredible professionals

List of active members (attended at least one of the past three sessions)


Megan Allen, Pediatric OT, www.donateprovideachieve.org

Tracy Biggs, CCC/SLP and Myofunctional Therapist, [email protected]

Dr. Rachel Dunlop, Pediatric Dentist, www.southshoresmilesnwi.com

Dr. Bernadette Delumpa, pediatric dentist, [email protected]

Diane Gora, RN, IBCLC, 

Bre Grzych, Board certified acupuncturist & massage therapist, www.nwiacupuncture.com

Dr. Trish Hammett, DC & Diplomate in Chiropractic Pediatrics/Pregnancy, www.newlifefamilychiropractic.net

Kelly Herbert, RN IBCLC

Dr. Thalia Katsaros, Pediatric Dentist

Lisa Lahey, RN, BSN, IBCLC, myofunctional therapist, www.advancedbreastfeedingcare.com

Rachel Lieske, MA, CCC/ SLP, [email protected]

Stacy Lashenik, LDH and myofunctional therapist, www.nwiomt.com

Dr. Jamila Miller, Prosthodontist, www.drjamillamiller.com

Dr. Catherine Murphy, founding member, Holistic Orthodontist,  www.inharmonyorthodontics.com

Dr. Rachel Poulsen, General dentist, www.princesscitydental.com

Dr. Susan Royer, General Dentist, www.susanroyerdds.com

Caroline Smith, RDHT and myofunctional therapist, www.thefunctionalhygienist.com

Dr. Jenny Thurner, pediatric PT, www.valpotherapykids.com


Dr Catherine Murphy


Treats her patients with a ​holistic, integrative and interceptive approach. She approaches orthodontics uniquely. Correcting the bad bite by addressing the underlying cause in addition to straightening the teeth.  

Founder of the Connections Book Club. It is her passion to help parents and caregivers on their journey to achieving excellent health for their child/children.